Hello, I’m Paul Davison. I live in Hertford, UK, with my wife and 2 cats.

During the day I’m a software engineering manager with Ocado Technology, working on very exciting automation projects. You can get an idea of the technologies if you take a look at this¬†Tom Scott youtube¬†video. My career in software has ranged from my very first job at Queen Mary College (as it was known then), through working at a small London based software house for many years, a period of self-employment, then various stints at networking companies like Juniper Networks, then a period working on smart street lighting and smart cities at Telensa, finally settling at Ocado.

In my non-work life I am the walking stereotype of a computer scientist, enjoying reading/watching Science Fiction, brewing and consuming beer, playing games (online RPGs and in-person ones like D&D and Call of Cthulhu), and music with a particular slant towards prog.

I am left-leaning in political outlook, utterly despairing of both the Tories and Brexit in equal measure.

I can be found on Mastodon here if you want to keep in contact.